John Cleese & Eric Idle

Hmmm… the Ides of March. Last night I saw two Pythons live at the State Theatre in Sydney.  An omen?  Whatever, it was a buzz to see these comedy legends in the flesh – even from up in the gods.

Like Pythons they put the squeeze on political correctness, indulged in a bit of bad taste and singing, reminisced about working in the early ’60s when political satire was taking serious shape, and performed a sketch or two written for pre-Python shows, Do not Adjust Your Set and At Last the 1948 Show.

My party all felt that less reliance on video clips from their glory days and a bit more live sketch comedy would have made the evening even more delightful. Mr Idle was in fine voice.  Mr Cleese was paying off his marriages. We all left laughing.

I had no idea some Pythons wrote material for the late great Peter Sellers. Egad!

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