My Freaky Family

It’s an easy laugh – enjoying a family that’s weirder than yours. But when nations collide and people get hurt… well that’s no laughing matter. Luckily we don’t have to take the clash of these people too seriously in this highly enjoyable comedy.

A 3D animated feature film, it was made largely in Sydney by Pop Family Entertainment with a lot of help from crew in Ireland and India.

My first role was Storyboard Artist and following that I was booted up to Layout Supervisor. I was very lucky to work with Layout Leads Kim Allen and Tim Quarry, the very finest of professionals who were ably supported by a battery of young and keen layout artists.

The star of our crew was without doubt the phenomenal Lauren Gavas our Line Producer who, with the wonderful Andrew McMartin, battled enormous freaks and ghouls to finally carry the production to the screen.

The film premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in June to a full house and will razzle the cinemas in October 2024. The entire crew were amazing to work with, especially Mark Gravas the director, and I’m very grateful to Carmel and Gerry Travers for the dazzling opportunities they gave me on this production. Watch out for it – it will be well worth the wait!

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