Tom and Meg, teenagers in a school play, are bobbed and buffeted in a waters meet of social change in 1967, striking out through family eddies for their own identity one moment and floundering against the will and grief of their parents in another.

In Shakespeare’s KING LEAR we see a portrait of offspring’s sense of debt and obligation to parents clashing against the shoals of parental ambition for those offspring and the agony and tragedy that follow form the bloody meat of the play.

In his play AWAY, David Gow finds an insightful resonance with LEAR as the teenagers traverse the currents to adulthood while the adults deal with past grief and failing ambition in changing times.

We’re left to see how leaving the safety of a secure and familiar world can bring a hidden strength, a stronger being, renewal to both parent and offspring.

It’s a powerful play and arresting to see so many familiar images, details and historical moments especially for those of us who saw the 60’s. It’s easy to see why this play brought David Gow to our attention. Once more, Sport for Jove’s new production displays the remarkable depth and talent of the company.

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